Sunday, April 7, 2013

I do! (wedding photography)

Your wedding. Take a deep breath and say it with me "my wedding". There, did you feel those butterflies? Do you have a huge smile on your face? I know the anticipation well! This is one of the highlights of your life, the memories are everlasting. Most couples say it is a surreal experience with the day ending before you know it.
You only get 1 chance with wedding photography; & unlike the cake or your colorful table choices, you will have these photos for many years to come. Hiring a professional to capture these images is so important. I would be delighted to provide you with a quote to capture your most special day.
I enjoy shooting & celebrating weddings, small or large. I remain largely unnoticed throughout the day, but still capture all the important moments. It is just as rewarding for me as it is for the couple, when I capture candid & poignant moments. Don't forget that 1st KISS!

Sarnia wedding photographer

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